Northern Ireland

These photos of the Brownson’s 1965 visit to Northern Ireland were sent to me by a resident. I was particularly happy to see them as I was on that cruise and a few of my friends are visible in the photos. This is the letter he sent with the photos.

"Hello, I was going through our family photograph album following the death of my father when these photographs came to my attention. In July 1965 we had the excitement of seeing an American ship anchor off Newcastle County Down Northern Ireland. I was only five, but my sister who was eight and my father had the opportunity of going aboard. For us country born Northern Irish it was an exciting day and one my sister still avidly remembers.

I thought you might possibly like these, even thought the quality isn’t too great, some sailors appear and who knows, someone might appreciate seeing a bit of their past!

God Bless
Ivan McKeown
Ballywalter, County Down, Northern Ireland"
All photos copyright Ivan McKeon unless otherwise noted.